Our people, your team, the SOS systems difference

Over the years we have conducted hundreds of print infrastructure audits for organisations looking to improve performance, cost efficiency or sustainability. Whilst every customer situation is unique, there are a number of common themes that are clearly evident.

You might be surprised to hear that many of the issues aren’t down to the technology itself, at least not directly, but to a lack of communication between customer and service provider. Most service providers will offer a regular review with a dedicated account manager, but in our experience, the practice doesn’t always match the promise.

If there is a disconnect between what your organisation needs and what your technology partner is providing, it’s a problem. Understanding your challenges and objectives is a core part of the on-boarding process and doesn’t diminish over time. That’s why we think it’s important to build relationships across multiple teams in your business.

Creating multiple touch points helps to build trust, and confidence in your service provider. It also helps diagnose any potential issues faster, as there is a solid knowledge base of your technology and how you use it.

As part of your standard SOS Systems experience you should expect to interact regularly with:

  • Our Prince 2 Qualified Project Managers
  • A dedicated Account Manager or Account Director
  • A direct relationship with a Technical Helpdesk contact.
  • Contact from our Technical Manager and team

The Project Manager is responsible for managing all aspects of the installation, from equipment build and configuration, to software implementation and user acceptance testing. They will liaise with you and your teams to ensure your new solution is rolled out without any hiccups and your users experience minimum disruption. For multi-site/department installations, this is a particularly helpful resource, as you will be provided with a set of documentation that clearly defines dates, training programmes and key project milestones.

The Account Manager/Director is there to manage the relationship in general, overseeing the commercial aspects of the investment, ensuring SLAs are met and that the solution has met the expectations of the key stakeholders. They are there to hold regular reviews of spend, service performance and technology; ensuring you are up-to-date with any product updates and making sure you are satisfied with your experience.

Why do we create relationships with our technical team? We believe this is both an essential part of the service proposition and a point of differentiation for us. We don’t believe in leaving you on hold, putting you through to a voicemail or hiding behind a generic email address. Your dedicated technical team is there to provide help and support when you need it; whether you have a technical question about your current infrastructure or want to “pick their brains” about any changes you’re considering.

The Technical Support manager can help with logistics, site movements and the planning of installations. They are there to make sure things go smoothly, deal with hardware swap outs and deliver a seamless experience for your users when adopting new technology.

In summary: we believe in providing service as a team, for all our customers. This results in more valuable relationships, greater knowledge sharing and a much-improved experience.

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