Print Management Solutions Made Easy

As businesses grow and expand their service and team, print management can quickly become an increasingly time-consuming and inefficient task. But it needn’t be. Our print management specialists will get under the skin of your business and how you work to create a bespoke, print management system. One that will quickly improve the management, efficiency and productivity of how you print, scan and share information. In all cases, costs are reduced, security is enhanced, employee productivity is increased, and environmental performance is improved – all from one tailored solution.

Secure Printing Solutions

In any business, implementing the correct security procedure is becoming an increasingly important factor. With our advanced systems in place, your task will be held securely in your personal print queue.

In addition, you and your team will be free to print from anywhere, get authentication and release the task from any device you need.

Save Money and Reduce Costs

The more you can control your business, the more you can reduce costs. Our in-depth reporting functionality allows your organisation to accurately track and analyse every print, copy and scan.

Better cost tracking and accounting helps reduce overheads by identifying and charging back costs correctly, routing jobs to the most efficient device and deleting unnecessary jobs quickly and easily.

Smarter Document Processing

Work better, work smarter. Our intelligent document processes let you access personalised scanning workflows which can be defined per person, team or department. These workflows can even track users around your organisation allowing for greater flexibility and productivity.

Plus, once documents are scanned, they can be pushed directly into different folders or back end systems to be distributed where needed.

Uniflow Cloud-Based Print Management

uniFLOW Online is designed especially for small and medium sized businesses. The secure cloud-based print management solutions makes it easier to reduce printing costs whilst increasing print security within your business.

uniFLOW is great for businesses who want to reduce their carbon footprint by printing less.

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What Makes our print management solutions so special

Whatever your industry sector, whatever your size and wherever you are located, our expertise lies in understanding, supplying and maintaining the latest print management technologies. We work closely with our customers to help support their digital transformation initiatives; delivering improvements in productivity, efficiency and sustainability.

Dedicated technical resource supplied from the onset of any installation, for highly responsive expert advise.

Experts in secure and cloud printing technologies, supported by in-house technical team. We don’t have to lean on the software vendor for support queries.

Our equipment is configured pre-installation and all software is tested pre-deployment to ensure a smooth roll-out.

One of the only Privately Owned Mono branded Canon Platinum Partner. So you know we have the experience to make a difference.

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Printing Solution Audit

SOS understands that sometime there is too much choice on the market and it is hard to understand what your business really needs or could actually benefit from. That is why we have created our Print Solution Audit.

Our audit is conducted on-site by one of our senior print professionals. They will get to know your business, your needs and listen to any ideas or concerns you may have.

Our auditor will then compile a comprehensive report completely tailored for your business, highlighting our ideas to better manage your businesses printing.

Benefits of our printing audit

  • Reduce costs and save money

Our team of print experts are able to analyse print environments and come up with creative ways to save you money. An audit from SOS could save thousand a year on print related costs.

  • Increase security and compliance

It has never been more important to remain secure and compliant when it comes to sensitive data. SOS can identify areas vulnerable to data breaches and advise on the best way to secure them.

  • Streamline print processes

Inefficient print processes could be costing your business time and money. If your team are constantly coming up against printing errors which take hours if not days to fix, this is costing you valuable resource time. An SOS audit can identify these areas and focus on rectifying any pain points.

  • Increase productivity

Our customers are always amazed at how much employee productivity improves after an audit has been implemented. SOS use the latest printers, combined with powerful software to make your print management cycle a breeze.

  • Create a more sustainable future

SOS are dedicated to one of our key values: Sustainability. An audit will identify areas where needless printing is taking place and resources are potentially being wasted. We also advise customers on using Intuitive for PaperCut BI software to help track and manage their print environment.

£45,000 worth of savings!!

Read a recent case study where SOS saved a Surrey School £45,000 each year, on their print management.

It all started with an audit from one of our team. Needless to say the School in question were delighted with the results.

Find out more by reading our full case study

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A little bit about SOS

Established in 1985, SOS Systems is a leading provider of print and document management solutions in South East England. ISO9001 2000 accredited, we are one of a select few Canon Platinum Partners in the UK. Our head office is in Crawley, West Sussex.

SOS Systems have over 30 years experience of delivering excellence to our customers. We have our fingers on the pulse of technology and are always keen to introduce new and improved technology to our customers.

SOS have a host of industry experience including Educations, Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Utilities and many more.

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