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Reduce printing costs and carbon emissions

SOS Systems has been working with schools and colleges across the UK for over 30 years, and are aware of the costs and carbon emissions associated with daily printing throughout the school day.

That is why we offer our ECO SMART service – a holistic approach to improve operations, reduce costs, and help you become more sustainable as an educational establishment.

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The printer’s not working. Again!

Having a problem with your printer? You are not alone. It’s one of the most common support tickets raised in IT departments across the UK education sector.

Whether it’s the mono desktop in the reception area or the production printer in the reprographics department, printer issues are costing schools and colleges a surprising amount of money every year.

In this sector-specific blog we explore ways to tackle “the printing problem” and develop a sustainable strategy for print management in education.

What is ECO SMART?

Our ECO SMART service offers a comprehensive review of print and document processes, providing valuable insights into your print infrastructure, digital processes and sustainability practices.

Tailored to every campus and unique infrastructure, this is a great opportunity to identify any vulnerabilities and areas for improvement across your school/college network.

Understanding how your staff interact with printing hardware can be the smart move needed to improve productivity and reduce the burden on your IT team, while also making a positive impact on the environment.

If you’d like to see what’s included in an ECO SMART review, you can request a sample copy by clicking the button below.

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Education Case Studies

SOS Systems is the preferred supplier of printing hardware and software to schools and colleges throughout the South East of England. One of a select few Canon Platinum Partners, we are helping campuses transform their relationship with print.

Here are just two examples of how we’ve helped schools save money and improve performance:

Surrey school saves over £45,000 a year on print contract with SOS Systems

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Leading Surrey School

SOS helped transform this Surrey School’s print management solution. They achieved more than £45,000 of savings each year, whilst reducing the number of desktop devices and increasing print security.

Saltdean Primary transforms print management with SOS Systems

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Saltdean Primary, in Brighton

An East Sussex Primary School has saved £6,000 in print costs after following advice from technology specialists SOS Systems – and is using the money to upgrade pupils’ computer equipment. Saltdean Primary, in Brighton.

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