ID Verification and eSignatures

Document management and identity confirmation, transformed.


Take control of your document management by leveraging powerful integrations such as ID verification and digitised send and return measures.

By increasing the efficiency in how your organisation handles documents internally and externally, you can finally wave goodbye to delayed and staggered approval processes, and save time and money by cutting manual touchpoints along the way.

Confidence in who is behind the signature

Contract approvals and ID verification can be time-consuming, especially if a physical signature is required. Providing customers and clients with the ability to verify their identity and sign documents quickly and remotely can be transformative for your efficiency, reputation, and customer satisfaction.

Give your contacts the ability to complete, sign and return forms and documents easily, wherever they are. Whether it’s from the comfort of their home office or a smartphone on the go, ID verification and eSignatures allow their completed information to transfer directly to your system, instantly.

Time and money saved

With our ID verification and eSignatures solution, you can authenticate identities and sign documents, completely remotely. Cut down on resources needed to manage the process: less paper, less manpower, less time. By eliminating the need for physical signatures and paper-based processes, you can drastically improve efficiency, ensure the authenticity of all transactions, and protect the security of your documents.

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ID verification in three simple steps

With guided implementation and 24/7 specialist support, it’s never been easier to sign documents wherever you are. Verifying ID’s remotely might sound intimidating, but our software makes it as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Sending your documents

Send documents for electronic signature, track the progress of signatures, and securely store digitally signed documents.

2. Verifying your credentials

Securely verify credentials to reduce the risk of identity fraud, maintain the integrity of legal processes, and comply with regulatory requirements.

3. Staying compliant

Demonstrate your commitment to modern legal practices and enhance your client relationships by embracing eSignature and ID verification technology.

Benefits of ID verification solutions

Implementing an ID verification solution can transform the way you do business. Not only does it make the process easier for your clientele, it can bring these benefits and more for your team:


Send and sign contracts securely from any device.

Cost efficiency

Save money on every agreement by reducing paper use.


Set up automated alerts to keep you up to date on document progress.

End-to-end protection

When sending documents without the necessary security measures, important information and data can be compromised. Businesses must leverage end-to-end protection for document management, to stay compliant with the ever-changing government legislation and laws.


Encrypt your files to meet even the most stringent security standards.


Mitigate the risk of identity fraud and unauthorised access.


Ensure that robust identity verification procedures are in place.

SOS is here to help

Whatever your size, location, or industry, SOS is here to help. Our expertise lies in understanding, supplying, and maintaining the digital mailroom solution that works for you.

We work closely with our customers to identify exactly where we can support your digital transformation initiatives, delivering improvements across the board in productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Dedicated technical support

Dedicated technical support and resources are supplied from the moment you start your SOS journey, with highly responsive expert advice at your disposal.

Trained experts

The team at SOS are trained experts in digital mailroom and AI capture technologies, supported by an in-house technical team. Support from the very best, all the time.

Pre-installation configuration

All tested in-house to ensure your company rollout is error-free and fast.

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“Team were patient and professional”

“Meticulous scoping and preparation that leads to seamless installation.”

“Roll out the best project I’ve been involved with in 20 years in I.T.”

“SOS provide training for key operators of the solution which really helped.”

“Instant connection/ very responsive technical team when it matters.”

“Maintenance work is proactive not reactive.”

Your trusted digital partner

Established in 1985, SOS Systems is a leading provider of digital mailroom and AI capture solutions in Southeast England.

As an ISO9001:2000 accredited business, we proudly hold the distinction of being one of the exclusive Canon Platinum Partners in the UK, with our main hub situated in Crawley, West Sussex.

Bringing over 30 years of experience of delivering excellence, SOS Systems are an industry trailblazer. Always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to introducing our valued customers to the latest and most improved technologies.

Our wealth of industry experience spans diverse sectors, including Education, Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Utilities, and more. At SOS Systems, we don’t just deliver solutions; we craft tailored experiences that resonate with the unique demands of each industry we serve.

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