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Canon cloud printing products to aid digital transformation

Canon Cloud Printing to bridge the void between paper and digital

Over the past few years the workplace has evolved. The conventional 9-5 office routine has changed forever, with hybrid and work from home roles becoming the norm.

Employees now require the flexibility to work from home and to have capacity to achieve 100% of their job function whilst away from the office. This shift has led to the emergence of the great digital transformation. A hybrid workforce not only works well for employees, they offer businesses the flexibility to scale up and down products, services and resources as they require them.

Canon cloud printing products seamlessly allow businesses to guarantee their employees capabilities are the same in the office, or outside. Canon’s award winning print solutions, implemented by SOS are the perfect choice in your digital transformation process.

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Cloud-based printing supports agile working

Agile hybrid workforce’s are bucking the trend within organisations. It has long been seen as a fad or something that wouldn’t last, but recent studies have found that workforce’s are as productive working in a hybrid model that if they were based in the office full time.

Cloud-based printing products and software from Canon, gives business the flexibility they require to support a multitude of working styles, from hybrid / remote working, to working on the go whilst travelling. Distance is no longer a barrier.

A cloud-based printing solution implemented by SOS systems, supports your employees with their digital needs and document management.

With Canon’s cloud printing products your employees can:

  • Execute a printing job whilst on the move, from home, in fact from any internet enabled device.
  • Utilise colleagues to delegate printing jobs to, documents will then be released to said colleague securely, if they do not have a printer but the colleague does.
  • The automation and processing of documents, like sending documents, scanning, printing and more.

With SOS and Canon’s cloud print solution, they can do all of this and more

Learn why cloud based product solutions are growing year on year and will change the workplace forever.

Take the strain off your IT department

Traditional ways of working are a thing of the past, having an agile modern workforce is now at the forefront of where businesses want to be. Cloud solutions give business the vital tools to conduct business from a far, which will become more vital the further we get into the 21st Century.

One of the biggest benefits of cloud working is the ability to free up internal IT resource time. In a recent study it was found that 40% of work place support tickets were print related. Using cloud-based printing solutions can literally save hundreds of man hours a year.

Canon cloud print solution enable your IT team to govern their full fleet of printers from a single easy to use interface. This gives unprecedented visibility to organisations. See who has been printing, faxing and scanning behavior in one dashboard.

Canon print solutions also helps to:

  • Reduce or even eliminate maintenance and upgrade print related costs within the business.
  • Reduce costs related to sending print jobs via VPN or other cloud networks.
  • Reduce the need to have multiple print drivers and queuing systems.

All Canon cloud solutions are energy efficient, sustainable and scalable. They all come with automatic updates as standard.

Taking Cloud integration One Step At A Time

Having seamless integration between systems and solutions inside your business has never been so important. It allows for easy access to information by the people that need it, whilst keeping sensitive data secure from those it isn’t intended for.

Canon cloud print solutions enables seamless 3rd party integration, making it easy for IT departments to manage processes.

Moving printing to the cloud is now a simple process. Print infrastrucuture can be a burden to support and maintain internally, so why not let SOS systems take the pain away.

Canon’s cloud printing infrastrucutre is hosted on Microsoft Azure and integrates with many 3rd party apps including:

  • Google Chrome Print, Microsoft 365, Dropbox and many others
  • Microsoft Universal Print, giving you the opportunity to create a completely server-less environment by combining it with our cloud print solution.

Secure Cloud Printing with SOS and Canon

Global cyber threats and data breaches are on the rise. Keeping sensitive data safe and secure is the number one priority of IT departments around the globe. Canon’s cloud-based print infrastructure is among the most secure on the market, so you can rest assured your sensitive business data is secure.

Canon’s cloud products handle the end to end process of sending data securely through the cloud.

Canon cloud print solutions implemented by SOS, encrypt data in transit and at rest too, meaning that files move securely between laptops, mobile devices, printers, and cloud storage platforms. That’s not all. We implement Zero-trust security to add another level of security by constantly checking data traveling in and out of your network.

Lastly, hosted in multiple Microsoft Azure™ data centres across the globe – including one in the UK and Europe – our cloud print solution can support compliance and data sovereignty.

Microsoft Azure™ provides multi-layered security across its data centres too, with teams of global cybersecurity experts working together to safeguard data confidentiality. All of this adds up to huge savings in terms of time and resources allocated to securing your data.

Why Choose Canon with SOS Systems

Canon are the leading provider in imaging for more than 80 years. They are constantly pushing the boundaries and have engineered some of the finest products on the market today, as well as pioneering initiatives and solutions to advance the modern workforce.

  • Canon have a rich history of innovation and success. They introduced the first colour photocopier as far back as 1973. Then just over a decade later they brought out the introduction of auto-duplexing.
  • Canon are widely seen as the pioneers in cloud printing, with a leading market share and the best product solutions.
  • All Canon products come with the highest level of security built in.
  • Canon cloud print solution has won numerous awards over the years.

Download this handy Canon cloud printing brochure to learn more about what SOS can offer and the benefits to your business.

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