Improving Document Management for Red Arrow Leasing

SOS Systems helped improve document management and the customer experience for Red Arrow Leasing, by swiftly implementing DocuSign, integrating it alongside their existing systems.

The Client

Red Arrow Leasing

Red Arrow Leasing is a leading company that provides financial services for business equipment, software, and various other plant and machinery. Known for their diverse portfolio of offerings, their unique business challenges required a tailored solution.

The Challenge

Historically, all documentation was sent in via post. This affected turnaround time in terms of receiving documents, and the quality of posted or scanned documents was also compromised. The dependence on the postal service resulted in a delay in agreements going live. This delay caused frustration among customers, some of whom were requesting a digital solution.

Before SOS stepped in, all documents were being sent through the post, which compromised document security and quality.

(Photo: Before SOS stepped in, all documents were being sent through the post, which compromised document security and quality.)

Red Arrow Leasing recognised the need to “move with the times” and utilise technology to drive digital transformation. The company sought an e-signature platform to digitise their documentation processes, enhance security, and ensure that their records were watertight due to the nature of their lending business.

“Our experience with SOS Systems was really good. We were not sure which product and DocuSign package we needed, and SOS really helped us to select the right technology and then to implement it correctly in our business.”

David Edney, Head of IT at Red Arrow Leasing

The Solution

To meet these needs, Red Arrow Leasing partnered with SOS Systems and chose to implement DocuSign. The decision to choose SOS Systems was influenced by the company’s robust reputation and their existing strong relationship. Key project stakeholders included David Edney, Head of IT, and Don Brayshaw, Director, who prioritised a swift implementation that would work seamlessly with their existing systems and improve the customer experience.

The Implementation

Working closely with the client, SOS Systems guided them in selecting the appropriate DocuSign package for their needs and implemented the solution. Additionally, the company integrated ID Verification within the product to ensure the signatory’s authenticity.

The Outcomes

The digital transformation journey was a success. According to Don Brayshaw, Director at Red Arrow Leasing, “Our turnaround for payouts has improved. Ultimately, there is less hassle, less paper, and we are less reliant on our customers’ staff submitting the documents. We now do it all ourselves on behalf of the client, and it is automated and compliant.”

“The quality of DocuSign is great, we are really happy.
Don Brayshaw, Director at Red Arrow Leasing

This solution met all the project goals, with tangible benefits including improved compliance, enhanced security, and a better customer experience. SOS Systems continues to work with Red Arrow Leasing, maintaining the DocuSign system, and helping them achieve a secure and effective digital documentation process.

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In the digital age, staying ahead of the curve and meeting customer expectations is crucial for business success. Red Arrow Leasing’s journey demonstrates how an organisation can leverage technology to drive transformation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

If your business is looking to embark on a similar journey of digital transformation, SOS Systems stands ready to assist. With our robust experience, proven track record, and customer-centric approach, we can provide tailored solutions that align with your unique needs and goals.

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