Book rooms and control visitor access with ease

A simple solution for managing workspaces

Meeting rooms are crucial touchpoints for your staff to come together and collaborate, brainstorm, and make vital decisions. Having the correct system in place to manage room reservations can be transformative. Space Bookings allows you to:

  • Reserve
    a room

  • Preview

  • Grab spaces
    on the go

  • Use a colour-coded system

The colour-coded system

Green room booking


Available for at least 11 minutes

The next meeting will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, along with a quick book feature.



10-minute window

A meeting will be starting in the next 10 minutes, so staff members can use the room if it’s a quick meeting.



Meeting is in progress

The room is currently occupied. Use the real-time availability timeline to see when it’s next available.

What is workplace technology?

Workplace technology allows you to control the usage of your busy office, coordinating visitors, meeting spaces and hot desks to make the most of the space available, and facilitate visibility for your teams.

Why improve your workplace technology?

In a hybrid working world where getting together has never been more important, businesses need a system that ensures their office space is fully utilised, allowing teams to book meeting spaces and welcome visitors with ease, without miscommunications or double booking.

You need a system that can be updated as quickly as plans can change, ensuring a harmonious working environment where everyone has the space and facilities they need to work effectively.

Real-time availability

With a clear user interface and easy navigation, Space Bookings and visitor management can facilitate:

  • Meeting room booking
  • Hot desking
  • Car park space reservation
  • Visitor tracking

Whether it’s an internal team event or an external client meeting, easily find and book the workspaces you need to reserve without the risk of scheduling conflicts.


Meeting cancelled?

  • Instantly remove room numbers from meetings
  • Cancel or edit bookings at the click of a button
  • Communicate meeting changes to all attendees instantly
  • Update visitor passes and notify building management with ease

SOS makes it easy to make last-minute changes to your bookings, providing you with the freedom needed to ensure everyone has up-to-date information.

Visitor management simplified

Track and manage all visitors across your premises with ease. By replacing traditional paper-based visitor logs and manual registration, you can:

  • Offer pre-registration
  • Collect essential contact details quickly
  • Check in and check out processes
  • Provide self-service kiosks or tablets
  • Track time of entry and exit of visitors
  • Generate visitor badges instantly
  • Notify hosts of guest arrival
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The evolution of digital mail processing

Discover our pre-booking visitor solutions, complete with automated host notifications, car park bookings and personalised visitor forms.

End-to-end personalisation

Space Bookings give you the ability to personalise the software with your organisations’ logo and custom messaging, ensuring brand consistency across all platforms for external visitors.

You can also customise settings such as room capacity and equipment availability, ensuring your team is booking the correct space for their needs.

Cross-team calendar visibility

All teams with access to the software will be able to view a daily schedule of booked or available spaces and planned visitors, granting your staff the ability to book last minute meetings without the risk of calendar clashes.

With built-in integrations for Outlook and Gmail calendars, it’s never been easier to arrange a meeting. Space Bookings allows you to attach the booked meeting room directly to your email invites.

Why choose SOS?

When you choose SOS, you’re investing in our 30 years of experience in revolutionising workflows, helping your workplace stay efficient and connected. You can rely on SOS to be one step ahead on the functionality of your workplace technology, removing frustrations and enabling your teams and visitors to collaborate without a hitch.

We’ve learned so much about what busy offices need, but that doesn’t mean we’re complacent; changing working landscapes keep our finger on the pulse, so our visitor management and space booking systems keep up to reflect that.

Whatever your size, location, or industry, SOS is here to help. Our expertise lies in understanding, supplying, and maintaining the solution that works for you. We work closely with our customers to identify exactly where we can support your digital transformation initiatives, delivering improvements across the board in productivity, efficiency, and sustainability.

Dedicated technical support

Dedicated technical support and resources are supplied from the moment you start your SOS journey, with highly responsive expert advice at your disposal.

Trained experts

The team at SOS are trained experts in digital mailroom and AI capture technologies, supported by an in-house technical team. Support from the very best, all the time.

Pre-installation configuration

All tested in-house to ensure your company rollout is error-free and fast.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are SOS on hand to provide technical support?

Of course, you can always contact us if you have any issues.

Where is SOS based?

Crawley in West Sussex is where our HQ is based, with offices in London and Southampton too. However, we’re pleased to be able to work with businesses across the UK.

Can your software replace manual visitor logs?

Yes, our visitor management can replace these pen and paper systems through pre-registration, digital check in and check out, and visitor tracking.

Can you personalise this software to my brand?

We know that branded software can give you a professional edge, so we’re proud to offer the ability to personalise our software with your branding.

Can you integrate with any other calendar applications?

Yes – our software can integrate with calendar applications including Gmail and Outlook.

Can your visitor management software help manage parking?

Not only can you book visitor spaces through our software, but the invite itself can cleverly operate car parking barriers.

What kinds of organisations can use this software?

Because we can tailor our software to you, we can work with a variety of businesses and organisations, such as office-based businesses, healthcare settings, and education organisations.

Don’t just take our word for it – here’s what
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“Team were patient and professional”

“Meticulous scoping and preparation that leads to seamless installation.”

“Roll out the best project I’ve been involved with in 20 years in I.T.”

“SOS provide training for key operators of the solution which really helped.”

“Instant connection/ very responsive technical team when it matters.”

“Maintenance work is proactive not reactive.”

Your trusted digital partner

Established in 1985, SOS Systems is a leading provider of digital mailroom and AI capture solutions in Southeast England.

As an ISO9001:2000 accredited business, we proudly hold the distinction of being one of the exclusive Canon Platinum Partners in the UK, with our main hub situated in Crawley, West Sussex.

Bringing over 30 years of experience of delivering excellence, SOS Systems are an industry trailblazer. Always on the lookout for new and innovative solutions, we are dedicated to introducing our valued customers to the latest and most improved technologies.

Our wealth of industry experience spans diverse sectors, including Education, Legal, Financial, Healthcare, Utilities, and more. At SOS Systems, we don’t just deliver solutions; we craft tailored experiences that resonate with the unique demands of each industry we serve.

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