SOS Systems Ltd is thrilled to announce the promotion of James Tyler to Service Manager. James has been with the company for over 18 years, climbing the corporate ladder one photocopier at a time, with dedication, hard work, and commitment to the company that’s as impressive as his ability to make all of us laugh.

James embarked on his adventure with SOS Systems in May 2005 as the first-ever trainee engineer. He began by shadowing experienced engineers and refurbishing photocopiers – the printing industry’s equivalent of a superhero origin story. After mastering the basics, he moved on to van driving and installing photocopiers. James witnessed the game-changing transition to colour devices, which was like trading a black-and-white TV for a 4K one!

After three to four years, he was promoted to an on-site engineer, covering a broad area over the South East, leaving a trail of photocopier satisfaction in his wake. As James continued to excel in his role, he soared to new heights as Technical Support Manager, where he was responsible for moulding the minds of junior engineers.
During the pandemic, James took on additional responsibilities and channelled his inner efficiency guru to streamline internal processes around the service and refurbishing department. He was able to add new processes and, more importantly, automate them, ensuring that SOS Systems Ltd is well-positioned to grow as the company expands.

James has gone above and beyond for the company for many years, and his hard work during the pandemic was nothing short of extraordinary. His dedication and commitment to SOS Systems have earned him his new title as Service Manager. In his own words, “I look forward to coming into work and helping progress the business forward. It’s more than just a job.”

James is an invaluable asset to the SOS Systems team, and his promotion to Service Manager is well-deserved. He will continue to play a vital role in the growth and success of SOS Systems Ltd, and we look forward to working with him in his new capacity.

Speaking with SOS Systems Managing Director Chris Sills, he said, “Witnessing James’s growth over nearly 20 years has been remarkable; he is an integral part of the SOS team – for all of his hard work and his ability to make all of us laugh!”

We wish James all the best in his new role and look forward to seeing him continue to excel at SOS Systems Ltd, as we’re sure he’ll continue to leave his mark, one print at a time.

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