Client Portals

Secure, Real-Time Client Engagement

Your digital client experience booster

Client Portals are the key to communicating with your clients. With enhanced collaboration and information sharing, they provide you with the peace of mind knowing your interactions are secure and updated in real-time.

With a private and convenient platform for document sharing and real-time interaction, you can strengthen client relationships and improve your overall service delivery.

One centralised
source of truth

Connect all your information in one centralised dashboard and create branded and customisable hubs for each of your clients. We provide you with a single view of all your relevant data, and the ability to manage an unlimited number of client hubs with just one simple installation.

Secure access

Clients will receive unique and auditable credentials to access their portal, ensuring the right people have access to the right information at the right time.

Simplified communication

Post progress updates for clients, notify them of deadlines and share other relevant information instantly through your portal.

Secure document sharing

Securely upload and share sensitive documents, such as contracts or discovery materials.

Metadata-driven management

Build external relationships

Build a branded and customised digital workspace to share real-time updates with your clients.

Share and manage large amounts of data

Centralise large volumes of data in one secure portal, and temporary or permanent data rooms for each project.

Share files securely

Remove the risk of compromised security via email and share documents via your secure hub – allowing clients to access them anytime anywhere.

Manage all your projects in one view

It can be a hassle to manage thousands of customers each with several projects. With our project management module, you can easily manage them all in one view.

Overcome client interaction and data security challenges with our Client Portals. Streamline communication, share documents securely, and ensure 24/7 data protection.

24/7 data protection

Whether you’re working from the cloud or at your desk in the office, we ensure always-on data protection. With simplified user permission management, authentication and data encryption it’s never been easier to ensure your sensitive files are kept secure. Set granular rights and permissions to interact and communicate with all members of the hub and keep track of which users have access to which documents with ease.

Flexibility made for you

Delegate tasks to different users and organise projects across several parties simultaneously in just a few simple steps. We’re compatible with all devices, so we’ve made it possible for you, your team and your clients to work from anywhere and any device, keeping in touch with key contacts and progressing with your projects, all while guaranteed security.

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